Freshwater pearls have been

cultivated for their health and

beauty benefits in China for

 more than 3,000 years.


During Chinese Ming dynasty

the famous doctor Li Shizhen

put in his medical book Classical Chinese Materia Medica the

use of pearl powder for skin

health: "Spread on face, lubricate

skin and give good complexion.

Spread on hands and feet,

smooth skin and relieve chaps.


Remove face acnes. Decrease

secretion." The Empresses and

 Ladies of the royal court were

 long familiar with this luxurious

 method of skin care. They

believed the pearls have a

miraculous contribution on

maintaining the youth of their skin.

                                                                 Genuine Pearl Cream

                                                            A Jewel for Your Skin 
















                         The Lady Yang of the Tang dynasty imperial palace was famous for

                         her voluptuous figure and of her porcelain-like skin. Using crushed pearls was her favorite way to

                         nourish and maintain her youthful skin. In the more recent Ching dynasty, the controversial Empress

                         Tsu-Shi who was also well known for her beauty, at the age of 74 she still kept her skin smooth,

                         radiant, and baby soft. .


 Madame Magdalene

Introduces a Facial Cream Fit for Royalty










  ~ Nutrition Pearl Cream ~


Pearls are an excellent source of minerals,

amino acids and calcium carbonate,

the most absorbable form of calcium.


                                                       Nutrition Pearl Cream is made from well selected pure precious pearls which are reduced

                                                       into very fine powder (about 2 microns in diameter). Then Olive and Jojoba oil is added to

                                                       give your skin an instant healthy glow. It naturally moisturizes your skin an makes it soft

                                                       and fluffy in texture, like no other moisturizing cream. Silky to the touch and after feel,

                                                       it will be absorbed by you skin almost immediately, that means your skin "likes" the cream.


                                                       Mild lightening effect masks minor color difference on the skin. Nutrition Pearl Cream also

                                                       possesses the special effect in preventing the skin from being chapped and senile. Frequent

                                                       use of the cream will always maintain one's skin tender, white, lubricous and smooth, giving

                                                       that natural look to the skin as it nourishes and allows it freely "breath".


                                                       Lavished on the Chinese royal court for centuries, finely crushed pearls is the Asian aristocrat's

                                                       age-fighting secret formula, now it could be your secret to a truly vibrant complexion.


                                                        Use Nutrition Pearl Cream  to enhance skin cell renewal to heal blemishes, as a whitener,

                                                       to minimize large pores and reduce redness. Can be used as foundation for make up and

                                                       as a night cream. 


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