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Vitiligo...and what you can do about it

                                                             Vitiligo affects at least 1% of the population. About half of the people who

                                                             develop this skin disorder experience some pigment loss before the age of 20,

                                                             and about one third of all Vitiligo patients say that other family members also

                                                             have this condition. Even though most people with Vitiligo are in good general

                                                             health, they face a greater risk of having: Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism

                                                             (increased or decreased thyroid function), Pernicious anemia (Vitamin B12

                                                             deficiency), Addison's Disease (decreased adrenal function), Alopecia Areata

                                                             (round patches of hair loss), and/or Uveitis (inflammation of the eyes).


                                                             Patients with Vitiligo develop white spots in the skin that vary in size and location.

                                                             The spots occur when pigment cells, or melanocytes, are destroyed and the

                                                             pigment melanin can no longer be produced. Melanocytes normally occur

                                                             throughout the skin, and in the hair follicles, mouth, eyes, and some parts of the

                                                             central nervous system. In Vitiligo, pigment cells can be lost in any of these

                                                             areas. Common sites of pigment loss are:


                                                             • Exposed areas: hands, face, upper part of the chest
                                                             • Around body openings: eyes, nostrils, mouth, nipples, umbilicus, genitalia
                                                             • Body folds: arm pits, groin
                                                             • Sites of injury: cuts, scrapes, burns
                                                             • Hair: early graying of hair of the scalp, beard or other areas
                                                             • Area immediately surrounding pigmented moles
                                                             • Choroids of the eye


                                         Cause of Vitiligo
                                                             The precise cause of Vitiligo is not known. A combination of genetic, immunologic

                                                             and neurogenic factors is of major importance in most cases. Many people

                                                             report pigment loss shortly after a severe sunburn. Others relate the onset of Vitiligo

                                                             to emotional trauma associated with an accident, death in the family, divorce, etc.

                                                             Early graying of hair is part of Vitiligo. Patients with Vitiligo appear to have normal

                                                             pigment cells. An increase in something such as nitric oxide, may be toxic for

                                                             pigment cells or there may be a lack of growth factors that are required for normal

                                                             pigment cells to be viable.




                                         Formulated by Chinese Master Herbalists

                             Hundreds of Years Ago. It Has Withstood the Test of Time.


                                          Now Rediscovered by the Western World


                                                             Vitilex has been developed for a complete re-pigmentation treatment and to maintain                                                                          healthy skin. Formulated with top quality ingredients using a unique combination of

                                                             13 all natural and powerful Chinese herbals.

                                                             Vitilex works by balancing and regulating qi and blood circulation to promote healthy

                                                             energy flow by cleaning the vessels. This also helps to strengthen the body and make

                                                             it more resistant  to the disease.


                                                             The course of treatment is 90 days, to be extended for more stubborn cases or if the

                                                             speed of recovery is rather slow. No side effects have been reported, it is safe and

                                                             effective. A certified GMP product.


                                         The Precious Ingredients: Radix Lithospermi seu Arnebiae (whole plant),

                                                                                                                 Glossy Ganoderma (whole plant), LignumDalbergiae, Odoriferae

                                                                                                                 (stem & root), Fructus Psoraleae (fruit), Radix Salviae

                                                                                                                 Miltiorrhizae (root), Flos Carthami (flower), Radix Polygoni

                                                                                                                 Multiflori (root), Os Sepiae (whole plant), Cortex Moutan (root)





                                                                          Packing: 185mg X 200 pills per bottle.

                                                              Caution: Do not use if pregnant or nursin








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