Kidney Cleanse

How to Keep Your Kidneys at it's Prime


                                                   The human kidneys are small, biological marvels with a fascinating design that fulfill

                                                   a vital function.  Most people are born with two kidneys; each bean shaped organ is

                                                   about the size of a fist located just below the rib cage on either side of the spine. 

                                                   Each kidney is about 11.5 cm long, 5 to 7.5 cm broad and 2.5 cm thick, weighing

                                                   about 150 grams and are located near the middle of your back, just under the ribcage. 


                                         An Amazing Filtering System


                                                   Healthy kidneys act like a filter to make sure the right amount of wastes and fluids are

                                                   removed, they keep the proper balance of salts and acids in the body and produce

                                                   hormones.  Every day our kidneys perform an essential job of filtering 200 litres of blood,

                                                   to remove about 2 litres of waste products and unneeded water.




                                         Signs, Symptoms and Failure


                                                   Usually symptoms come on very fast. They include fever, chills, pain, upset stomach,

                                                   low back pain, vomiting, a constant need to urinate or an inability to urinate at all,

                                                   blood in the urine, and pain or a burning sensation during urination.


                                                   An acute kidney infection starts suddenly with severe symptoms, then quickly comes to

                                                   an end. A chronic kidney infection develops slowly, grows steadily worse, and hangs on.

                                                   The chronic variety can lead to kidney failure.


                                                                            The kidneys are created to last a life-time

                                                                        with proper care 


                                                                                        KidneyAid is formulated with unique herbals to support proper

                                                                                        circulation to the kidneys, helping them efficiently eliminate

                                                                                        accumulated toxins from the system.


  • Help rid the kidneys of bacteria

  • Help protect against inflammation

  • Help prevent urinary tract infections

  • Support the metabolic control functions of the kidneys





                                                   It's recommended that everyone complete a kidney cleanse every six months to help

                                                   keep the kidneys cleansed and healthy.

                                                   Cleavers, Goldenrod Tops, Horsetail, Hydrangea Root, Plantain Leaf, Kidney Substance


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