Gluten Intolerance

Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitive


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In the USA about 1 in 134 people suffer from Gluten Intolerance.

Celiac disease is four times more common today than it was five decades ago,

 according to 2009 research performed at the Mayo Clinic. For every person with celiac,

experts believe there may be many more who have nonceliac gluten intolerance, a

condition in which you may experience a wide range of digestive problems

in response to gluten, but unlike celiac, there is no appreciable damage to the intestine.


It can affect all types of people. However, it seems to be more prevalent among

people of Northern European descent.


Gluten Intolerance, also known as Celiac Disease, is a hereditary disorder

that affects the immune system. When gluten is consumed, the mucosa,

which is the lining of the small intestine, is damaged. When this happens,

important vitamins and nutrients are not absorbed properly.


                                                          In wheat, barley, rye, and low level

                                                        oats, there is a rubbery like protein

                                                              called gluten. This substance is

                                                           what helps the dough bind, which

                                                                       you would see with baked

                                                               breads and other baked foods.


                                                                 Although these grains contain

                                                            gluten, which can cause a gluten

                                                                       allergy in sensitive people,

                                                                 they also contain a number of

                                                          other proteins that can also cause

                                                                                      allergy symptoms.

How it Affects the Small Intestine

The Cause of Gluten Allergy









The Solution: Gluten Ease TM



GlutenEase offers those suffering with such intolerances assistance in

digestion and assimilation of the offending proteins. Proteases high in DPP-IV

 activity assist in normalizing inflammatory response to the gluten peptide,

thus better digesting and utilizing gluten containing foods.









This proactively supports the gut, allowing proteins to be properly

broken down and absorbed in their digested state; broadening the

potential food groups a person may eat. GlutenEase may also be used

by those who wish to remain on the GFCF diet to ensure complete

breakdown of proteins safe and effectively. 


Nutritional Information
 Capsules Per Container: 60 
Amount Per Serving:  1 Capsule
DDP-IV Protease Thera-blend

Amylase Thera-blend
 GlucoamylaseGluten Intolerance



95,000 HUT 

15,000 DU
15 AGU



This product contain(s) no fillers.























                           Gluten Ease -  60 Capsules

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