Brain Food








Because your brain is hungry.

Cerebral Health

 A synergistic combination of ingredients

 formulated by Chinese master herbalist to improve memory and

learning, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and increase

the ability to cope with stress.


Cerebral Health helps replenish and provide the nutrients needed for proper brain function.

All experiences in life are enhanced when the human brain is healthy and functioning at its optimum level

Formulated to Assist

                                                                     Poor Concentration

                                                                     Poor or Loss of Memory

                                                                     Learning Capacity


                                                                     Mental Fatigued or Exhaustion








                    Dong quai {Dang Gui} (root)

                   Jujube {Suan Zao} (seed)

                    Polygala {Yuan Zhi} (root)

                    Schisandra {Wu Wei Zi} (fruit)

                    Sharp-leaf galangal {Yi Zhi Ren} (fruit)


Experience the Power of  Cerebral Health!

                      Cerebral Health - 2 Boxes / 120 Capsules / 500mg each

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